I am currently on a hiatus from clinical work, but can be reached at contact@yaacovlefcoe.com as needed.

Yaacov Lefcoe, Ph.D, C. Psych provides psychotherapy and assessment services for a broad range of problems, such as anxiety and mood issues, personality and relationship issues, and severe mental illnesses. Yaacov also provides couples counseling, and psychological consulting for such things as goal-setting, problem-solving, decisional conflicts, religious/spiritual issues, and life-enhancement through self-management skills (including meditative practice).

Payment is based on standard professional fees.

Yaacov is currently on hiatus from clinical work and may be reached at contact@yaacovlefcoe.com






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  1. How about .What makes therapy good or bad ? I could get into my own dnifeitions, but it is difficult to find balanced viewpoints- books, at least, seem to: 1. Favor therapists that claim to have difficult clients, or are aimed at family members and unnecessarily pathologize and objectify clients . in other words, how to deal with the nutcase 2. Tend to be too heavily laden with jargon and technique at the expense of understanding or forming a good relationship with the client, or 3. Cater to disgruntled clients that have had a bad experience with therapy and throw the baby out with the bathwater. There seems to be a general lack of understanding BETWEEN clients and therapists. Or is it just my imagination? This may be related to one of your discussions about what makes a good fit between therapist and client, but it may hold its own as an independent series of talks. Another idea: “Demystifying the Process”. Wouldn’t it help if more clients knew what they were getting into? Thanks for all the quality info!

    • Rhuan,
      Tx for visiting the site! Good therapy is helpful to the client. It alleviates symptoms, provides greater clarity and insight, and enables the person to be freer to make choices and move forwards in life. There has been much research that has shown that the relationship between the therapist and the client is indeed critical to good therapy; more important than the particular approach or “school of thought” of the therapist.

  2. Thanks for all the help you have given me over the years Yaacov. Your support is crucial and your insight is deep.