Hello, and welcome! My name is Yaacov Lefcoe, I am a psychologist engaged in the field of higher human development. I have a rich and varied background in the fields of Clinical and Transpersonal Psychology, Sacred Sexuality, Neidan 内丹 (Taoist Inner Alchemy Chi Gong), Kabbalistic esoteric training, and Mindfuless meditation.

I currently offer individual counseling and training sessions focused on helping people to develop or maintain a fruitful and psychologically well-integrated transpersonal practice. This may include such things as overcoming obstacles in a meditative practice; dealing with emotional or relational issues with partners in relation to sacred sexuality work, or complications with teachers etc; working with sexual polarity and archetypes; providing instruction in bio-energy cultivation (based upon Inner Alchemy Chi Gong); providing supervision and consulting to other practitioners.

I am based in Pardes Hanna, Israel, and visit regularly in Toronto and London, Ontario Canada. I also do video-chat consultations. Services are provided in English or Hebrew.

I can be reached at: